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Lover Her- Calgary

A group of our models had the Honor to be involved in an evening of Fashion, comedy, cocktails, auctions, and music all in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada. Thank you for everyone involved on stage and all those behind the scenes. What a wonderful night for a great cause.

Here is a sneak peek of the show taken from my Iphone.



Model Monday: Rupali Yeast

 “Don’t forget where you came from but never lose sight of where you are going.” 

                                                                                                                                  Photo taken in Shanghai

SM: How were you "discovered" or how did you get into modelling?

RUPALI: I was at the Calgary Stampede wearing a cowboy hat and somebody came up to me... I was just walking with my mom - and eating - probably cotton candy and mini donuts and a corn dog all at the same time ... and someone said I had potential. Isn’t that crazy? Anyways, after a while, and after convincing my parents that I really want to do this, I sent Sophia models an email.

SM: What age did you start modelling?

RUPALI: I started when I was 14 years old. In March I will have officially been modeling for a year!

SM: How far have you traveled for a modelling job?

RUPALI: Shanghai China! I went in October, it was such a great experience. I’m so grateful to have had such an amazing opportunity at such a young age. I had never been to China before but I fell in love with the city, and I hope to go back one day!

SM: What is your favorite type of modelling to do?

RUPALI: I like it all, the movement of runway stuff is fun because there is so much excitement and build up to the show, but if I could choose, I would say creative photo shoots are my favorite. I like being in front of the camera, a certain aliveness comes over me. 

Photo: Ted Belton

SM: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to model?

 RUPALI: Dream big and go for it. If you can start at an early age to be aware of good skin care habits and a proper diet and exercise - you’re set for life. Stay humble, but bring your confidence when it counts. And always say thank you.

SM: What do you do when you are not modelling?

RUPALI: I’m only 15 so I’m in grade 10 at William Aberheart high school. I love hanging with friends. Right now, we try to do active stuff together rather than just getting together and talking over a Starbucks - like the other day my friend and I went for a run together. I also like to spend time with my family - we all snowboard together and try to race each other down the hill whenever we go. Otherwise I’m in my room doing homework!

SM: Is there anything about modelling that has surprised you?

RUPALI: Yes lots!!! The people I’ve met have been truly amazing. I’ve had so much support from my agents and fellow models - and have just made so many really close friends that will never be forgotten. It was also surprising to go to Shanghai and have roommates that couldn’t speak any English! It was a lot of fun to try and communicate. Often I had to answer the phone and then tell them when to be ready in the morning. Challenging but fun. Oh, and once for a job in Shanghai, the client wanted to dye my hair blue! I was not ready to go back to school looking like that. So I kindly said no, and then they put me in blonde wig.

                                                                   Photo: Ted Belton

SM: What is your favorite picture from your portfolio and why?

RUPALI: My favourite picture is a shot by Ted Belton (above), shooting with him was so energetic and fun and I think the photo captured that energy. I used to always think I’m a commercial model and this shot is more edgy and high fashion.

SM: Describe your favorite local hang-out?

RUPALI: I’m a five minute walk from market mall so of course it’s my fav hangout! I’m a shopaholic, what can I say!?

SM: What is your favourite junk food?

RUPALI: None. Just apples and celery. Hahaha. OMG - anything with chocolate and if you can put syrup on it, then I love that too.

                                                                  Photo: Amber Morgan
                                                                  Hair: Jag Moussa

SM: Describe yourself in one word.

RUPALI: Expressive.

SM: What is the best part about modelling?

RUPALI: The best part of modeling is meeting new people! I have met the most amazing people through the industry. I now have friends all over the world, Brazil, France, Poland, and lots are still working in Asia. The different time zones are hard to keep track of but it’s so cool to see what’s happening around the world.